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A good tournament organizer always strives to offer the best conditions for the participants. Managing so many people can be difficult and time-consuming without the proper tools.


Most of the organizers use Excel to manage players and finance. But when dozens, hundreds or even thousands of players are arriving in the same day, things can become messy.


With Chess Planner it was never easier to manage players, visitors, hotels, taxes and others. Everything is managed by the application.

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All data about participants, tournaments, accommodation and many more can be handled in Chess Planner.


Some features may be needed, others may not. Choose the features depending on the tournament.


Easy, efficient and flexible! The organizer can customize everything as he wishes.

Everything you need to know about someone is in the Participant Sheet

Manage every individual participant with the help of the participant sheet. Chess Planner allows you to add any useful information and generate an individual sheet for any participant. You don’t need to calculate how much someone owes, everything is done by the application.

Import and export documents

We know that most of the organizers currently work with Excel. Therefore we created import and export functionalities, so the information from Excel can be used in Chess Planner and vice versa.

Simultaneous use from multiple devices

Everything can be visualized in the dashboard. Data is available in real time and can be added on multiple devices. All you need is our product and internet!


Best when you’re in a hurry and you have to quickly add some information.


Easy portable, the tablet can be a good alternative to the laptops/PC.


Every necessary information is in the Mater Planner web application, available on the internet at one click away.

Try Chess Planner!

Chess Planner has a free trial version. You can try it and convince yourself that Chess Planner is the organizer’s best friend!

Just make a free account and start using it. The trial version is limited to 30 participants.



  • 30 Participants
  • 1 Tournament
  • 1 Tax type
  • 1 Hotel
  • Participant Sheet
  • Import from Excel
  • Unlimited Free Trial

€ 0.00


  • Unlimited Participants
  • Unlimited Tournaments
  • Unlimited Taxes
  • Unlimited Hotels
  • Participant Sheet
  • Import from Excel
  • 1 Event Use

€ 55.00


  • All Basic plan functionalities
  • Custom features on demand:
  • Support
  • Extended use
  • Custom features
  • Dedicated website
  • Many more

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